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Closing the gap between people and screens.

People come to us to build new products, improve an existing product and to generate demand. Our passion is figuring out what motivates people through the intersection of design and behavioral data. More times than not, the clients we work with already have products and marketing in place, but are unsatisfied with adoption and results.

Our focus on keeping people at the center of product design decisions and service improvements transforms the way people think, interact and talk about our client’s brands.

Human meet tech.

Experience design (XD) is the art and science of people. It’s an understanding of the millions of gestures, clicks, swipes, hovers, what draws the eye, what excites, their expectations, how people share, the hardware, the software, industrial design, real world spaces; in short, what puts the giant XD grin on peoples faces. It’s all of these moments cultivated over time.

We capture experience data through a variety of means, not the least of which is being physically present while people use and play with the product. The data only gets us half way there. Imagination and big bold ideas and passion are what push a project to completion.

Why the lab?

From day one, we built XD Lab on the belief that creating truly memorable, immersive experiences is the only way to achieve the results our client’s deserve…

…a little later that day, we realized we needed to build a team that is so much more than the traditional art, copy, development model.

The Lab was the obvious choice to house the engineering, haptic, heuristic, inventors of connected devices, arduino prototypers, HTML5, Rails, mobile iOS and Android junkees, Social Grid Mutants, data scientists and journalists.

A million smiles brought to you by XD Lab.

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