Marketing technology prowess.

Our clients ask us to improve existing products, create new products, and to generate demand. Maybe you have a site that has grown tired and people have stopped using it. Maybe you are looking to create something unique and new. You have an idea, or can solve a problem that has little to no legacy and you want to disrupt an industry by building the best possible product. We help clients get the next version of their sites, apps or software working.

More times than not, our clients already have products and services in-flight, but want to increase demand and drive new revenue. We believe that you create demand by being usable and useful to users.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Production
  • CRM Integration
  • Data Processing
  • Paid Media
  • Campaign Execution
  • Experience Optimization

We at XD Lab are driven to improve on product design and technology marketing. We understand the implications of long buying horizons, the often complex decision making process in the large enterprise space. We seek to span the breadth of experiences your prospects have with your brand.

And that means seamless data integration for every record, every time. Nothing breaks our collective hearts more than to see those hard fought, hard won leads expire on the shelf. Our technology and integration services ensure that sales follow up, reporting, and optimization decisions are based on realtime data.

Whether it’s explicit contact information, or implicit behavioral data, we will integrate the necessary data inputs to speed up lead qualification time, identify improvement opportunities, and build ROI dashboards you will actually look at.

Though there is no magic bullet, or one size fits all solution, we have an accumulated knowledge of design elements that drive conversion. We look at designing for conversion in 5 main categories:

Focused and Relevant Content

Don’t distract users from the action you want them to take.

User Experience

Provide relevant information with clear, simple next steps though intuitive interaction.

Post-click Strategy

Design the user experience immediately following a successful conversion.

Mobile Matters

Don’t neglect the user experience on mobile and tablet devices.

Content Variation

Offer second-level info in multiple formats to allow for user preference.

XD Lab creates integrated marketing platforms. Technical disconnects between systems and subsequent data loss only result in waste and operational inefficiencies. Our superpower is being able to effortlessly move from the pixel to the person. This forest and the trees approach brings efficiency and effectiveness to the marketing programs we run.

Front-End Ecosystem

Our planning process encompasses the entire front-end ecosystem.

  • Core Website
  • Content (Blogs, Podcasts, News, etc…)
  • Community (User generated content)
  • Promotions (Landing Pages, Offers)
  • This is the starting point in identifying the collection of experiences that people have with your brand. The ecosystem will be evaluated for things like path to conversion, promotional content, landing pages that are gated to capture leads via forms, landing pages that focus more on awareness and early stage content (shorthand—they have no form), traffic to your core website, and the historical timeline of offers and content living out on blogs, press releases, and 3rd party platforms.

    Back-End Integration

    Our experience spans advanced content management systems, web analytics, web personalization, marketing automation, CRM integration, data visualization, and BI tools.

    The seamless integration of the technology layer with front end tactics brings with it reliable lead management, conversions, and real-time revenue reporting.

    We Ship Results

    On a monthly basis, we collect web and application behavioral data to explore usage trends, and optimization opportunities.

    We document everything in a reporting feed that includes our experimentation thinking and findings. This gives you a historical timeline to understand how your business is progressing, and serves as a knowledge base for what's been tried, what works, and what doesn't.

    We will also meet with you one-on-one for a detailed read out.

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